Personalised in glitter these CD storage cases are perfect for storing your dance CDS. 


  • Space Saving: for storing the CD collection in the car or at home. Due to its compact size, the wallet fits on any shelf or glove compartment in a car or truck.
  • Organisation: thanks to the well thought-out storage system, the discs are always ready to hand. The transparent sleeves enable the disc title to be recognized immediately.
  • Transport helper: The folder is also a faithful companion on the go. With the help of the integrated shoulder strap, transporting the wallet is no problem.
  • Storage pro: The interior of the bag consists of extra soft padding with integrated sleeves and a circumferential zip.
  • Designed from high-quality black nylon, the durable case features generous foam padding and high-quality internal antistatic sleeves for maximum protection

RGDA64 CD Storage case